Entertaining and instructional videos teaching how to use Yunohost as your personal server. All done through the admin interface to prove that your dont need to be a total geek to have and manage your own personal server. Subscribe to the videos exclusively on my PeerTube channel.

Just me showing you what I am currently using on my own home server. Airsonic Grav Flat File CMS Searx Roundcube Nextcloud PeerTube TTRss

To be honest, this should be a "Dont drink and vidcast" video. I may or may not have had a couple of beers before recording this. This how I record all of my podcasts, whether I'm at home in the studio or on the road in the truck. The process and apps are all the same.

This is how you uninstall Wordpress and install a static html site to Yunohost. Get Yunohost - https://yunohost.org

Look how easy it is to install Wordpress on Yunohost! It only actually took minutes and minimal attention from me. But because I cant never shut up it made a 30 minute video.

The step called "post-installation" is actually the initial configuration of YunoHost. It has to be done just after the installation of the system itself. You can do it from through ssh, directly on the server or through a web browser. The browser is what I did because it is the easiest for people...